What can you Expect?

Our clients are always the centre of our attention. Due to our wide-ranging experience, our goal is to work efficiently, cost-effectively, and results-focused. It goes without saying that we maintain strict confidentiality standards.

Our goal and promise are to provide the info you need in complex financial asset investigations. By using a unique combination of HUMINT, analytical and open-source intelligence gathering, we unlock complex structures, simplify the nature of how assets are hidden, provide corroborative evidence, sourced and reported in a diligent, legal and simplified way.

We can present your legal arguments in a manner that the Courts can understand and reach an informed decision upon.

We have specialized in identifying the ultimate beneficial owner of an entity for over 20 years, in most offshore jurisdictions, including but not limited to the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla, Panama, Mauritius, Nauru, Cook Islands and US Marshall Islands. We are strong in the knowledge of our integrity and capabilities and have a 90% to 100% success rate in what we do.

Our information is the key to your success.

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