About Veritas Intelligence

Veritas Intelligence is an intelligence company, located in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and India devoted to the collection, analysis, and exploitation of information, most commonly through the evaluation of public sources (OSINT or Open Source Intelligence), cooperation with institutions and through the use of HUMINT (Human Intelligence). We are an international orientated company capable of providing information regarding financial and business constructions, partly due to our many international contacts.

We have many years of experience in the market of identifying assetshidden assets and concealed wealth in Europe, Asia, Australia, The Americas and Africa. We operate within a legal framework.

We are also able to provide intelligence about individuals, companies and business partners worldwide in support of legal affairs, if desirable.

We are dynamic, fearless and always results-focused. Our research work is diligent and detail orientated. Our actions are tactical and fast-paced to stay ahead of those who wish to hide. These individuals hide in the gaps and so we operate in the gaps, whilst keeping within a strong legal framework to ensure success in assisting our clients to achieve a successful outcome.

Naturally, those who have committed financial crimes or wrongdoing, do not like being tracked down and held accountable in the Courts or Criminal Justice system. Veritas Intelligence operates a global resource map and has collated a comprehensive database of information to include a quick reference guide as the regulatory issues continue to change and increase.

A growing trend among companies, particularly financial institutions, is the problems and issues surrounding financial crime. This is becoming ever more the case from the client being a global organization, to small companies and partnerships.

Veritas Intelligence is not without its battle scars as we have been instructed on a number of high profile and high net worth investigations over the last several years.

Our information is the key to your success.

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