International Asset Search Services

An asset investigation, also known as asset search or asset check, will provide you a comprehensive representation of all the assets belonging to a legal entity or individual. Veritas Intelligence is specialized in providing asset search services to among others, corporations, law firms, financial institutions and debt collectors.

In case a debtor is involved who claims not to be able to meet the payment obligations, the result of an asset search can confirm or deny this as the case. If you are considering to outsource a collection, an asset investigation can report how many collectable assets an individual or legal entity possesses and what your position is, in relation to other creditors suing the same debtor.

We provide you with a detailed financial report on the subject, whether you will be able to make a well-considered decision on how to proceed.

We have a large network of associates in over 150 countries, which gives us the possibility to perform asset searches worldwide, so all assets, bank accounts and even hidden assets will be identified. When you are in need of a discreet and thorough investigation, let the experts at Veritas Intelligence be of your service.

Our information is the key to your success.

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